About Artists

Maryla Rodowicz 

Her music career began in 1967 after winning the first prize at The Student Song and Singers Festival in Poland.
Maryla Rodowicz has performed worldwide: in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. She has received some of the most prestigious awards for her singing. She also participated in all of the major festivals in Poland. The singer's body of work comprises over 600 recorded songs, with over 20 Polish albums as well as albums in English, Czech, German and Russian. Rodowicz is also an actress who has performed in several movies and in musical entertainment.

Kabaret Skeczow Meczacych

Is  one of the most popular Polish cabarets also known as KSM. KSM founded in Kielce in 2003. So far, the formation has created five original programs, all of them was very well received by the public and won loads of  award.
KSM team: Karol Golonka, Jaroslaw Sadza, Marcin and Michal Szczurkiewicz, Michal Tercz.
Their new show: "Under the current" contains everything what the public will need to have absolutely ball. That’s why the public love them!
Gala Stand - Up Comedy

Polish  stand-up comedy in London is always an unforgettable experience for everyone. The Seven Best comedy specialist - will make you laugh out loud. They are all really good and deserve enough of your time! Abelard Giza , Kasia Piasecka , Rafał Rutkowski , Casper Ruciński , Luke Lodkowski, Rafal Pacześ with  Paweł Paulo Molenda  music, and special guest -  Peter Bałtroczyk . You are all very welcome to. 
The event will be simultatious translated from Polish to Englis language. For more details, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


One of the best Polish band in the History of Polish Rock. They are incredible popular over the years . Their music had been listened  by several generations of fans.
The band's most popular songs are: Autobiografia ("Autobiography"), Nie płacz Ewka ("Don't Cry, Eve"), Kołysanka dla nieznajomej ("A Lullaby for a Stranger"), Chcemy być sobą ("We Want to be Ourselves").

Kabaret Modych Panów 

Over 10  years of experience on the Polish and global stage , still young gentlemen want to celebrate an exceptional jubilee project.
The program "10/10 , that birthday !" is a portion of exquisite sketches , prepared with the freshest insights and with a pinch of irony.

Grzegorz Halama

Hilarious and heart-warming Standup Comedy from one of the best Polish comics.  Halama was born on 2 January 1970. He is a  parodist, and cabaret actor.

Polska Noc Kabaretowa ( Polish Comedy Night )

Good fun regardless of age and sense of humor. On stage you will see:  Paranienormalni, Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju, Nowaki and  K2 in their premiere programs. This year's edition of the Polish Comedy Night is an opportunity for celebration and joy. Hundreds of performances played for you, the years of grinding their formulas and meeting your expectations enabled us to create the best and biggest  show in the country and abroad.